Prace Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu 63/6. The identification of problems related to electronic financial statements

Prace Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu 63/6. The identification of problems related to electronic financial statements

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In the face of challenges that the world will be facing in the near future, numerous ideas have arisen seeking to address the problems of the modern world economy. Of necessity are improvements in the international trading and investment system, as well as the creation of a global value chain (GVC) – beneficial to all participants. One of the more significant initiatives which can contribute to tackling the challenges facing the contemporary global economy is the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), colloquially known as the New Silk Road. As part of the BRI, China aims to not only accrue economic benefits for itself, but also to become a regional and possibly global leader, which can introduce modernity into regions that the world has “forgotten”. Given the above, the aim of this work is to discuss the BRI initiative and to identify the consequences of its implementation, both regionally and across the entire global economy. This is particularly important in light of growing international opinion that we are in fact witnessing a new form of globalization – referred to by some, as Chi-globalization. The question is, can China really drive this new world order?

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WydawcaWydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu
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  Part 1. Economics and Finances    7
  Dominika Choroś-Mrozowska: Global and regional consequences of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative    9
  Juliusz Giżyński: The significance of the European Fiscal Board in the surveillance of fiscal policy in the euro area – the two year experience with its operation and the prospects for the future     22
  Agnieszka Judkowiak: The identification of problems related to electronic financial statements – own research results    40
  Teresa Kamińska, Małgorzata Zielenkiewicz: Changes in the similarity of business structure and demography after European Union accession     51
  Anna Kłoczko-Gajewska, Piotr Sulewski: The living conditions of Polish commercial farmers (participating in FADN)     64
  Arkadiusz Malkowski: Border trade as a factor in the development of peripheral areas – the example of Poland’s eastern borderland    75
  Marcin Potrykus: Markowitz’s portfolio theory – optimal length of estimation window for gold and the biggests companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange    86
  Marta Sordyl: The impact of minimum wages on employment and income inequalities – the Latin American experience    101
  Joanna Trzęsiok, Sylwia Słupik: The identification and analysis of the factors affecting energy consumer behaviour    113
  Mariusz Zieliński: Impact of the employment and unemployment level on the use of flexible forms of employment in EU countries    127
  Part 2. Management and Quality Sciences    137
  Katarzyna Cheba, Katarzyna Szopik-Depczyńska: Sustainable competitiveness and responsible innovations – the case of the European Union countries     139
  Marek Jabłoński: Effects of the automation on work content – selected issues    151
  Magdalena Klopott: Perishable food cargo losses and damage in cold chains – an empirical analysis     159
  Rafał Matwiejczuk: On the research concerning the relations between logistics and strategic management – towards the strategic logistics concept in management    171
  Martyna Michalik, Ryszard Kłeczek: Social presence of an affiliate marketer in an online product photo, consumer’s clickthroughs and sales     184
  Tomasz Odzimek: Quality of management of cooperation of science business-administration in Polish academic cities     196
  Piotr Rogala, Sanela Arsić, Tomasz Brzozowski: The appreciation for international standards on quality management: Lessons from researchers     209
  Waldemar Szczepaniak: Analysis of barriers in the process of applying for EU funds by public universities    223
  Karolina Werner-Lewandowska, Monika Kosacka-Olejnik: Logistics maturity of the service industry – research results    233
  Krzysztof Zowada, Krzysztof Niestrój: Cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises with other supply chain participants in implementing the concept of green logistics    249
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