Teaching and Learning English

Education for Life

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Nowoczesny, wszechstronny podręcznik z zakresu metodyki nauczania języka angielskiego, łączący rozmaite perspektywy metodologiczne i dyscyplinarne. Niezbędnik dla początkujących nauczycieli, studentów anglistyki lub lingwistyki stosowanej oraz osób zainteresowanych najnowszymi metodami nauki języka angielskiego. “Teaching and Learning English - Education for Life offers a blend of old and new, where all those at every stage of their education and teaching careers will find something to pique their curiosity. The student teacher will find a solid resource of information presented interactively through film, text and tasks. The research-based sections offer an accessible introduction to theory and the reflective questions and tasks may provide the starting point for educational research projects. If you are a practising teacher, you will enjoy following the links to a wealth of films that challenge you to think again what language teaching is all about. There are also many innovative, ready-to-use classroom tasks within these pages to refresh you and enliven your learners. For the teacher educator, this is a mine to dig into and explore. It offers an activity-based approach to engage teachers-to-be and invites you to work with them in coming to understand how theory meets practice. Whether student, teacher or teacher educator, you will want to invest in a copy of this book for yourself because you will find you want to return to it again and again as you work and learn.” Prof. Melanie Ellis, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice “This book provides a comprehensive source of knowledge regarding teaching and learning English, covering a number of issues considered challenging by today’s EFL practitioners, which have not yet been discussed in the literature. A particular strength of the book lies in its modern approach to presenting the content with a clear structure to each chapter and aiming to encourage reflective practice. The book’s main asset is its novel approach to foreign language teaching and learning strategies, which follow the guidelines of lifelong learning.” Prof. Joanna Rokita-Jas´kow, Pedagogical University of Cracow “The book is founded on the task-based approach and positive education, reflecting contemporary trends and tendencies in foreign language teaching methodology. Compared to other similar publications available on the Polish market, the book’s most distinguishing feature is the attention devoted not only to developing the students’ language competence, but also their well-being, which is in keeping with the tenets of positive psychology. Academic in form, it is a truly unique volume that fills the gap in this type of literature on the Central European publishing market.” Prof. Michał B. Paradowski, University of Warsaw

Rok wydania2023
Liczba stron534
KategoriaDydaktyka języków obcych
WydawcaWydawnictwo Naukowe PWN
Numer wydania1
Język publikacjiangielski
Informacja o sprzedawcyePWN sp. z o.o.

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  List of authors     7
  Introduction – Przemysław E. Gębal, Czesław Kiński, Sarah Mercer, Sabina A. Nowak, Małgorzata Szulc-Kurpaska     9
    Note to the Reader     13
  1. Well-Being in (Language) Education – Sarah Mercer     17
  2. The Role of Emotions in Language Learning – Czesław Kiński     33
  3. Action-Oriented Learning – Małgorzata Szulc-Kurpaska     51
    3.1. From the Communicative Approach to Action-Based Learning     51
    3.2. Task-Based Learning     66
    3.3. Project-Based Learning     79
  4. Learning Strategies – Czesław Kiński     95
  5. Language Resources – Czesław Kiński, Sabina A. Nowak, Małgorzata Szulc-Kurpaska     114
    5.1. Grammar     114
    5.2. Vocabulary     129
    5.3. Pronunciation     150
  6. Language Skills – Reception – Czesław Kiński, Małgorzata Szulc-Kurpaska     168
    6.1. Listening     169
    6.2. Reading     181
  7. Language Skills – Production – Czesław Kiński, Sabina A. Nowak     201
    7.1. Speaking     201
    7.2 Writing     216
  8. Language Skills – Interaction and Mediation – Małgorzata Szulc-Kurpaska, Sabina A. Nowak     241
    8.1. Interaction     241
    8.2. Mediation     256
  9. Course Design and Lesson Planning – Czesław Kiński     271
  10. Classroom Management – Sabina A. Nowak     292
  11. Language Assessment – Sabina A. Nowak, Małgorzata Szulc-Kurpaska     318
  12. Content and Language Integrated Learning – Sabina A. Nowak     367
  13. Creativity Training – Małgorzata Szulc-Kurpaska     400
  14. Special Educational Needs – Małgorzata Szulc-Kurpaska     424
  15. Roles of Language Teachers – Czesław Kiński     449
  16. Reflective Teaching Practice – Przemysław E. Gębal, Czesław Kiński     459
  Bibliography     473
  Appendices     521