Poland's Outward Foreign Dorect Investment

Experiences of Enterprises from the Łódź Region

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International expansion of Polish enterprises through foreign direct investment is a relatively new although dynamic phenomenon that starts to exerts powerful effect on the landscape of Polish economy and its competitiveness. Understandably, it arouses growing interest among businessmen, politicians, and economists.
Being a part of relatively modest, so far, population of publications on active internationalisation of Polish enterprises, this book discusses results of studies conducted at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz. Its merits include a comprehensive approach to the subject: it presents solid theoretical foundations of the internationalization process as well as quantitative (based on detailed, unpublished data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) for Poland and for the Lodz voivodeship) and qualitative (questionnaire based study of determinants and effects of internationalisation of enterprises from the Lodz voivodeship) empirical analyses. Thus, it is an attempt of closing the information gap in the Polish publishing market, which may also provide further inspiration for future investigation of Polish direct investment.

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WydawcaWydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
Numer wydania1
Język publikacjipolski
Informacja o sprzedawcyePWN sp. z o.o.

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  Foreword    7
  Chapter 1. The internationalisation of enterprises: an overview of studies ..    15
  1.1. Introduction     15
  1.2. Internationalisation in theories of international trade    19
  1.3. Theories of Foreign Direct Investment    23
  1.4. Sequential internationalisation theories    28
  1.5. Theories of unconventional internationalisation    35
  1.6. Network approach    41
  1.7. Conclusions    46
  Chapter 2. Should we support Poland’s Outward FDI?    49
  2.1. Introduction    49
  2.2. The effects of Outward FDI for the investing country: a theoretical per­ spective    54
  2.3. The effects of Outward FDI for the investing country: an empirical per­ spective    57
  2.4. Institutional framework for supporting Poland’s Outward FDI    62
  2.5. Support instruments for Poland’s Outward FDI    65
  2.6. Conclusions    70
  Chapter 3. Foreign Direct Investments of Polish enterprises    77
  3.1. Introduction    77
  3.2. Poland’s Outward FDI – scale and structure    80
  3.3. Directions of Poland’s Outward FDI    97
  3.4. Conclusions    105
  Chapter 4. Foreign Direct Investments of firms from the Lodz Region    107
  4.1. Introduction    107
  4.2. Enterprises from the Lodz voivodeship – the scale of international involve­ ment    107
  4.3. Activities of foreign affiliates of companies from the Lodz voivodeship    116
  4.4. Enterprises from the Lodz voivodeship: investment directions    120
  4.5. Conclusions    125
  Chapter 5. Active internationalisation of enterprises from the Lodz voivode­
  ship. Study results    127
  5.1. Introduction    127
  5.2. Characteristics of the enterprises included in the study    128
  5.3. Domestic competitiveness of enterprises before they started to interna­ tionalise    134
  5.4. Scale and type of involvement in foreign markets    136
  5.5. Organisational and geographical structure of foreign investment    139
  5.5.1. Representative offices    139
  5.5.2. Subsidiaries and branches    141
  5.5.3. Joint-ventures with partners from the host country    142
  5.6. The internationalisation of enterprises: characteristics    144
  5.6.1. Area of business and firm’s competitive position in the host
  country    144
  5.6.2. Exports to the host country    148
  5.7. Internationalisation: degree, paths and initiators    149
  5.8. Motivation behind foreign expansion    154
  5.8.1. Market seeking motives    154
  5.8.2. Efficiency seeking    156
  5.8.3. Administrative and legal reasons    158
  5.8.4. Resource seeking motivation    160
  5.8.5. Risk related motivation    162
  5.8.6. Intangible resources in building a competitive advantage in the host
  country    164
  5.8.7. Factors restricting foreign direct investment and activities in the
  host country    166
  5.8.8. Expectations vis-a-vis foreign investments    170
  5.8.9. Impact of foreign affiliates upon enterprise operations in Poland    173
  5.9. Conclusions    178
  References    181
  Annex – questionnaire    197
  List of tables and figures    211
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