Just transition of coal regions in Poland. Impulses, contexts and strategic recommendations

Just transition of coal regions in Poland. Impulses, contexts and strategic recommendations

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Adam Drobniak



The goals of this monograph include collecting and organizing knowledge, experience and studies related to just transition, and formulating strategic recommendations for Poland’s coal regions. It is an attempt at providing a synthetic insight into the multi-contest situations within these areas, and indicating their specificity and diversity. The complexity of the addressed issue determines the structure of the paper, which is made up of three essential chapters. The first explains the stimuli and concepts associated with just transition and broadly understood region transformation from the perspective of contemporary development concepts. The second chapter of the study focuses on diagnosing the demographic, economic, institutional, spatial and environmental standing of Poland’s coal regions. The diagnostic analyses refer to the starting state of Poland’s coal regions upon the announcement of the European Green Deal. The final chapter of this paper is normative in nature and contains an identification of the strategic stakes of just transition stakeholders, considerations related to the selection of the development concept for individual coal regions within Poland in the perspective of their situation diagnosed in the second chapter, and environmental trend scenarios impacting the potential transition paths for the analysed regions. Strategic recommendations in terms of just transition constitute the essence of this chapter, and have been formulated at domestic and regional levels.

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  Teams participating in the study    7
  Authorship of individual chapters    9
  List of abbreviations    15
  Introduction    17
  Chapter I. Green Deal and just transition    23
  1. The European Green Deal as a new coal region transition impulses    23
  2. Just transition versus regional transition in the context of selected development concepts    34
  3. Best practices – selected foreign and domestic transition project-related experiences    46
  Chapter II. Multidimensional context of Poland’s coal region in transition    53
  1. Poland’s coal regions    53
  2. Demographic context    61
  3. Economic context    72
  4. Institutional context    95
  5. Spatial context – post-industrial areas    107
  6. Environmental context    114
  Chapter III. Strategic recommendation for just transition in Poland    123
  1. Strategic stakes of just transition stakeholders    123
  2. Development concept selection for the transition of Poland’s coal regions    148
  3. The future of Poland’s coal regions in the context of green economy – contributions for foresight studies    154
  4. Strategic recommendations for programming just transition in Poland – central and regional levels    161
  Conclusions    207
  References    213
  List of figures    227
  List of tables    228
  Information about the Authors    230