The Holocaust Ethos in the 21st Century. Dilemmas and Challenges

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The contributions to this volume on the ethos of the Holocaust in the 21st century, and the dilemmas and challenges of Holocaust education, represent a wealth of experience based on studies conducted by scholars from Israel and beyond. Each offers a unique perspective on this issue.

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Section I: Holocaust Instruction in Israel and Worldwide –
An International Perspective on Holocaust Instruction and conveyance


The Role of the Holocaust in Jewish Identity
and Memory // Yair Auron


Teaching Civics and Instilling Democratic Values in
High School Students Particularist (Jewish and Israeli)
and Universal Aspects of Formal and Informal
Interdisciplinary Curricula // Nitza Davidovitch & Dan Soen


Teaching the Holocaust in Elementary Schools
in Israel: A Review // Batya Brutin


Teaching about the Holocaust with the Aid
of Visual Arts // Batya Brutin


Representation of “Holocaust and Heroism” in the IDF:
“Bamachane” Army Newspaper and IDF Archival
Documents 1948–1973 // Lea Ganor


Constructing the Memory – The Case of the Polish
Peoples’ Republic and the United States
of America // Anna Sommer Schneider & Hadar Hazan


The Holocaust Memory and Education in Germany –
Then and Now // Hadar Hazan & Florian Voigtländer


The Past in Transition – Conveyance of the Holocaust on
the Internet – General Remarks // Marek Kaźmierczak


The Holocaust in the Ultra-Orthodox Press –
Attitude of the Ultra-Orthodox Press to the
Holocaust, as a Measure of the Conflict over Shaping
the Past // Ada Klein


Learning about Meaningful Life as a Way of Coping with Situations
of Stress and Anxiety: – The second Generation Holocaust
Survivors // Yael Wilchek-Aviad & Diana Cohenca-Shiby


The Jewish Image of Poland. Paradise or Hell? //
Waldemar Szczerbinski


Section II: The Trips to Holocaust Sites – Challenges and Dilemmas


Israeli Youth Pilgrimages to Poland: Rationale and
Polemics // Dan Soen & Nitza Davidovitch


Youth Trips to Poland – A Case Study of the Israeli Youth
Movement Model // Dan Soen, Nitza Davidovitch &
Hadar Hazan


“Witnesses in Uniform” – IDF Delegations to Poland:
Education or Indoctrination? // Nitza Davidovitch,
Amir Haskel, & Dan Soen


“Remember Forever!” Israeli Trips to the Valley of Death in
Poland – Three Settings, Three Lessons // Dan Soen &
Nitza Davidovitch


Rethinking School Trips to Auschwitz. A Case Study
of Italian Memorial Trains: Deterioration of Holocaust
Pedagogy? // Laura Fontana


The Challenges of Holocaust Instruction and
Remembrance – Particular and Universal Aspects in
Formal and Informal Interdisciplinary Curricula in Israel
and Abroad // Nitza Davidovitch, Anat Chaskalovic,
Dan Soen & Olivier Lalieu


Section III: The Holocaust and New Anti-Semitism


Holocaust Education and Anti-Semitism in Western Countries //
Zehavit Gross


Continuing to Distort the Holocaust: 2009–2011 //
Manfred Gerstenfeld


Antisemitism: Precursors to the Holocaust and Threats
of an Islamic-Initiated Holocaust // Noah Milgram


Section IV: Future Challenges of Holocaust Teaching


Teaching the Holocaust in the 21st Century – Conveying
Holocaust Consciousness and Heritage // Hanna Yaoz


The Ethos of Dialoguing in the Shoah Landscape //
Annamaria Orla-Bukowska


Conclusion – Remembrance Originates from Within //
Nitza Davidovich, Dan Soen & Lili Haber


Epilogue: Who Will Tell The Story?


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