Analitic and Algebraic Geometry 4

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This volume (the fourth in the series) is dedicated to two mathematicians: Wojciech Kucharz, who celebrates 70th anniversary in 2022 and Tadeusz Winiarski who celebrated the 80th anniversary in 2020. These people were closely associated with our conferences Analytic and Algebraic Geometry. The first one is an active participant of the conferences since 2009 and the second one is a leading figure of the conferences almost from the beginning (1983). Thanks to their mathematical vigor and stimulation the conferences become more interesting and fruitful.

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  Preface    5
  1. Wojciech Kucharz
  Photo of Wojciech Kucharz    11
  Wojciech Kucharz – Scientific biography    13
  2. Tadeusz Winiarski
  Photo of Tadeusz Winiarski    15
  Tadeusz Winiarski – Scientific biography    17
  3. Abdulljabar Naji Abdullah, Klaudia Rosiak and Stanisław Spodzieja, Convexifying of polynomials by convex factor    21
  4. Szymon Brzostowski, Tadeusz Krasiński, and Grzegorz Oleksik, Zariski multiplicity conjecture in families of non-degenerate singularities    53
  5. Evelia Rosa García Barroso and Arkadiusz Płoski, On Lê’s formula in arbitrary characteristic    61
  6. Karol Gryszka, Lefschetz numbers and asymptotic periods    67
  7. Marek Janasz, On the nearly free simplicial line arrangements with up to 27 lines    75
  8. Marek Janasz, Magdalena Lampa-Baczyńska, and Daniel Wójcik, Realizability of some Böröoczky arrangements over the rational numbers    83
  9. Andrzej Lenarcik and Mateusz Masternak, Effective proof of Guseĭn-Zade theorem that branches may be deformed with jump one    95
  10. Maria Michalska, Real Nullstellensatz and sums of squares    121
  11. Grzegorz Oleksik and Adam Różycki, Some notes on the Lê numbers in the family of line singularities     137
  12. Arkadiusz Płoski, Lectures on polynomial equations: Max Noether’s Fundamental Theorem, The Jacobi Formula and Bézout’s Theorem    147
  13. Justyna Szpond, An invitation to the positivity and geometry of algebraic cycles    163
  14. Aleksandra Zakrzewska, An estimation of the jump of the Milnor number of plane curve singularities    175