Health in pedagogical discourses and school practices. Selected perspectives


Health in pedagogical discourses and school practices. Selected perspectives

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The issue of health constitutes a crucial element of reflections over both human condition and contemporary world. It significantly embraces the axiological spheres of meanings, with regard to which the individual does not only carry out the process of self identity, but also determines life priorities which accomplishment requires social engagement. In consequence, the category of health manifest itself in various spheres- subjective, social, cultural, civic, economic or last but not least – educational. Hence, the reflections tackling this topic become an interdisciplinary discourse, since exercised in the filed of medicine, sociology, psychology, pedagogy, education as well as economy, political science and even technical disciplines.

It should be also emphasized that in the context of findings established within World Health Declaration and action strategies in the European Region of WHO “Health for everyone in 21st century”, health is perceived as individual value but also as a form of a capital crucially influencing the development dynamics of entire societies. Therefore, in this perspective reaching optimal health condition becomes one of inalienable, individual rights, with the responsibility for individual and social health as one of civic duties, embracing as well the sphere of governmental policies.

Taking the above into consideration, it is impossible not to appreciate the role played by health education, directed at shaping pro-health attitudes, enabling the establishment of social capital of health. Hence, such pedagogical discourse placing health in heart of its attention shall be considered important in the context of priorities of contemporary world.

Presenting the joint publication “Health in pedagogical discourses and school practices. Selected perspectives ” we nurture hope that due to perspectives presented it will become a part of the reflections tackling the issue of health and particularly:

· health in postmodern society,

· educational contexts of health,

· health education in its practical dimension.

Thanks to stands taken by researchers from Poland and Czech Republic it became possible to create discursive examination of:

· health as a value in postmodern society and contemporary culture;

· threats to health in prospective approach;

· education and its role in health promotion;

· quality management in health promotion;

· multidisciplinary - historical, social, cultural and subjective determinants of health education in school environment;

· educational innovations targeting at the health of young generation.

The issue of health, within the above-mentioned range, is considered by us as extremely practical for all those that place in the centre of research interest the humanistic examination of health, health education and health promotion in various kinds of environments. Therefore, we highly recommend it particularly to pedagogists, teachers, therapists and students of such subjects as pedagogy, education, public health or medicine.

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  Introduction    7
  Health in postmodernity    10
    Monika Wójta-Kempa, Iwona Taranowicz, Andrzej M. Fal Health as a value in postmodern society    11
    Anna Sladek Subjective dimension of Heath    23
    Edyta Nieduziak Metaphorical presentations of health in modern culture    37
  Educational context of health    50
    Żanetta Kaczmarek Education in the aspect of health threats. Prospective approach    51
    Dariusz Białas Education as a factor determining individual health potential in the community of knowledge. Network mind in the systemic-interactive model of health-oriented education    61
    Hana Horká Environmental education as an instrument for health promotion. Environmental aspects of health education    83
    Danuta Wiśniewska Quality management in health promotion    93
  Health education in practice    114
    Jaroslav Vaculík Health and hygienic conditions at schools a hundred years ago    115
    František Čapka Position and responsibilities of teachers in applying health principles in Czech schools in the past and now    129
    Jan Šťáva, Stanislav Střelec Legislative conditions for health education in the Czech primary school    135
    Stanislav Střelec, Jan Šťava The school as the institution promoting the development of social health in pupils    143
    Marek Jagusz, Paweł Fryderyk Nowak Health education – in realities of the Polish school    151
    Paweł Fryderyk Nowak Catechesis teachers as health educators in school environment    163
    Jadwiga Kuciel-Lewandowska & Co-authors The “keep it straight” campaign and health education    175
    Agnieszka Blok Doggies and children – learning safe behaviours towards dogs – “Dogolandia” Foundation educational programme    187
    Renata Chrzan Influence of mode of active life on health and frame of mind    193
  Authors    199
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