Incentives to Attract FDI: Evidence from the Łódź Province

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Internationalisation is an important process currently observed in the contemporary global economy. It consists in creating and developing diverse forms of cross-border ties between enterprises and foreign direct investment is an example of these. Multinational enterprises are looking for optimal locations in almost all (politically and economically safe) countries and regions across the globe.
Most governments actively compete for investors by offering different incentive schemes, such as, inter alia, fiscal, financial, regulatory, and technical and information instruments and measures. The primary research goal of the study is to assess the importance of incentives offered to foreign direct investors by the evaluation of their effects understood in this case as investor reaction to such incentives. Hence, the process is seen from the investor perspective. The first part of the monograph is devoted to theoretical aspects of assisting foreign investors. The second part, which is empirical, discusses studies conducted to assess the relevance of incentives from the point of view of the host country economy.
The publication is addressed mainly to economists and representatives of international business. It may also be of interest to people engaged in business operations in international contexts: managers, experts, representatives of public administration. The monograph should also be recommended as an excellent supplementary reading for students of all university courses connected with the internationalisation of enterprises.

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WydawcaWydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
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  Preface    7
  Chapter 1. What do theory and empirical studies teach us about supporting foreign investors    17
  1.1. Foreign direct investment as a way to business internationalisation    17
  1.1.1. Internationalisation and foreign direct investment: overview of definitions    18
  1.1.2. Reasons behind making foreign direct investment    21
  1.2. Foreign direct investment effect on the economy    25
  1.2.1. Host country economy    25
  1.2.2. Home country economy     31
  1.3. Location determinants    34
  1.4. FDI support rationale    38
  Chapter 2. Location Premises: Perspective of Enterprises with Foreign Capital in Łódź Region     51
  2.1. Scope of research, methodology and selection of research sample    51
  2.2. Research sample profile    55
  2.3. Foreign capital in enterprises    62
  2.4. Export operations of foreign investors    65
  2.5. Import operations of foreign investors    71
  2.6. Competitive locations    73
  2.7. Importance of institutions for location selection    74
  2.8. Premises for location choices    81
  2.8.1. Distribution of answers and basic descriptive statistics    81
  2.8.2. Overall ranking of grounds for location selection    89
  2.8.3. Differentiation of grounds for location selection based on overall ranking    90
  2.8.4. Differentiation of grounds for location selection based on the Mann-Whitney test    99
  2.8.5. Detailed rankings of grounds for location selection    101
  Chapter 3. Investment Incentives: Perspective of Enterprises with Foreign Capital in the Łódź Region    109
  3.1. The role of incentives in location choices    109
  3.1.1. Overall ranking of investment incentives    110
  3.1.2. Differentiated importance of investment incentives based on overall ranking    112
  3.1.3. Differentiated importance of investment incentives based on the Mann-Whitney test    120
  3.1.4. Detailed ranking of investment incentives    122
  3.2. Special economic zones    125
  3.3. The role of State aid in making location choices    125
  3.4. Post-investment assistance    128
  3.5. Location factors and the use of State aid    131
  3.6. Investment incentives and the use of State aid    135
  Conclusion    139
  Bibliography    145
  List of tables    175
  List of figures    179
  About author    181
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