Zeszyty Naukowe Małopolskiej Wyższej Szkoły Ekonomicznej w Tarnowie 4/2016

Zeszyty Naukowe Małopolskiej Wyższej Szkoły Ekonomicznej w Tarnowie 4/2016

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Leszek Kozioł



The collection of the articles constituting the fourth issue of the quarterly includes some information interesting from the cognitive and application point of view. It concerns the problems of managing work relationships and conditions, with special attention paid to the proces and instrumental aspect of managing absenteeism in a firm; improving the occupational health and safety management system as a result of the development of internal communication in this respect, or the questions of designing and managing the content of websites of local government units, with special regard to their clarity, the network of relationships, human capital, social and environmental responsibility—the issues emphasized in intellectual capital theories and knowledge management theories. In this thematic groups there are papers devoted to teaching professional ethics in schools of higher education in Portugal, which is a response to frequently occurring events arising from improper conduct of various decision-makers. The Reader may also be interested in the findings of the research into financing and organizing a large-scale project of the European Union EU-Great!, concerning socio-economic development and innovations. The articles concerning tourism discuss the principles and methods of strategic and marketing management of the tourism destination of Karlovac municipality (Croatia) and tourism cluster management, illustrated with an example of the Bieszczady Cross-Border Tourism Cluster. This view of the strategic aspects of cluster and tourism destination management shows clearly that we deal with complex organizations the recognition of which requires to consider various points of view. In addition to the diagnosis of the studied organizations, the papers also contain fragments devoted to forecasts for the development of the local labour market and the scenarios of the sustainable development of agricultural farms and rural areas located at the mentioned areas of tourism development.(...)

Rok wydania2016
Liczba stron123
WydawcaMałopolska Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomiczna
Numer wydania4
Język publikacjiangielski
Informacja o sprzedawcyePWN sp. z o.o.

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