Children and Youth in Varied Socio-Cultural Contexts. Theory, Research, Praxis

Children and Youth in Varied Socio-Cultural Contexts. Theory, Research, Praxis

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The book not only shows how to analyse, research and solve particular problems related primarily to immigrant and refugee children and their families, but – something that comes as a very valuable aspect – points to the need to problematize them and undertake new subjects of research. This aim is achieved through the combination of academically diverse approaches to the problems addressed. The texts collected in the book can certainly serve (also) as an inspiration to improve praxis in the fields that are of interest to the authors of the articles. The monograph under review is an excellent example of how to create a platform for an exchange of thoughts and experience as well as enable mutual learning between students, young academics and experienced scholars representing various fields of science (…). The monograph will contribute to the promotion of a culturally sensitive language which takes into consideration every person’s right to respect one’s dignity, which is an exceptionally important task in the face of the migration crisis (…) It will be received with great interest by various readers, particularly academics –scholars researching global transformations, social problems, cultural diversity, migration, refugeeism, integration practices, the development and adaptation of children and youth as well as adults who need support with regard to their difficult situation. The book will certainly be an important read for the students of teacher training studies, teachers as well as education policy makers who design educational reforms.

From the scientific review by Prof. Joanna Madalińska-Michalak

The three chapters that structure the unique contributions of scientists form different parts of Europe, Turkey and Russia qualify in its entirety for a methodically and practically deep concern for all children. The national and global specifics are represented in terms of pedagogical and psychological questions, concepts and historical background analysis. The researchers are especially comprehensive in giving valuable information about children’s ways of experiencing social and political structures that are connected to their subjectivity and agency. (…) The sensitivity necessary to create a representation of hidden and unseen situations children are facing in different societies is impressing. The author’s approaches are singular and specific according to the challenges they recognize as their part of the processes and dynamics – politically, culturally and especially inter-culturally – to include children’s lives into the consciousness of our contemporary reality. (…) The publication offers suggestions to improve the quality of discourse and practice in the name of all children and their interests.

From the scientific review by Prof. Claudia Maier-Höfer

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WydawcaAkademia Pedagogiki Specjalnej
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Język publikacjiangielski
Informacja o sprzedawcyRavelo Sp. z o.o.

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