Internal Security, January-June 2018


Internal Security, January-June 2018

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The world globalisation processes have inevitably been accompanied by the development of new forms of crime and the occurrence of crisis incidents (acts of terrorism, major transportation accidents, construction accidents, or natural disasters). The above phenomena increase the demand for knowledge, the use of which may directly or indirectly influence the effectiveness of agencies responsible for internal security. With its basic goal of spreading the knowledge of the protection of public safety and order, the scientific journal Internal Security is one of the many ventures aimed at meeting the demand. The journal is oriented towards security aspects of universal scope. It is a forum where views and opinions are exchanged by specialists of various branches (both scientists and practitioners) from different countries, and in particular European ones. Entrepreneurs of non-public sector are welcome to exchange their opinions in the journal, as well. In many cases methods and mechanisms which are used to ensure safety are of universal nature and they can be applied by both, public and non-public sectors.

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WydawcaWyższa Szkoła Policji w Szczytnie
Język publikacjipolski
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Spis treści

  Miroslava Kovaříková: Security Issues as a Part of University Teacher Training
  Jadwiga Stawnicka, Iwona Klonowska: The Role of a Community Police Officer in Shaping the Security of Local Communities - Considerations in the Context of the First National Surveys of Community Police Officers (2017)
  Piotr Bogdalski: Information and Analysis System Supporting Risk Management During the Planning and Implementation Stage of Police Activities - the Essence and Possibilities of Use for Teaching Purposes
  Marta Kowalczyk-Ludzia: Discrepancies Between the Application of the Right of Defence and the Culture of the Criminal Process
  Paweł Lubiewski: Polish Strategy to Counteract an Immigration Threat
  Marián Peťovský, Boris Loffler: The Permissibility of Interventions Into Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in the Exercise of Police and Security Activities
  Ewa M. Guzik-Makaruk, Marta Dąbrowska, Aleksandra Stachelska: The Achievements of Białystok School of Criminology
  Katarzyna Laskowska: The theoretical Basis for Criminological forecasting of Crime (with Russia Example)
  Magdalena Zubańska: Old forensic Evidence, Contemporary Resources of forensic Science and the Police X-Files - Crime is Not an Abstract and theoretical Entity Out of Touch with Reality
  Jozef Metenko: System of Using of the Criminalistics Method in Slovakia to Verify Testimony on the Spot
  Bernard Wiśniewski: The Polish Legal and Organisational Solutions Combating Terrorism
  Marek Fałdowski, Mariusz Nepelski: EU Funds for Security
  Tomasz Zwęgliński, Carlos Morgado: Analytical Approach to Cooperation Between Fire Brigade and the Police - Comparison Study on Base of Polish and Portuguese Experiences
  Izabela Jankowska-Prochot: Civilian Supervisory System of Over Police forces in Ireland and Poland. A Comparative - Legal Study
  Arkadiusz Letkiewicz, Izabela Nowicka, Ewa Kuczyńska: Psychological Support for Drivers in Polish Police
  Andrzej Pieczywok: Education for Security as a Process of Eliciting and Developing Law Enforcers' Personality
  Bogdan Nogalski, Andrzej Józef Kozłowski, Iwona Zofia Czaplicka- Kozłowska: Financial Security of the Public Sector Versus the Indebtedness of Local Self-government
  Iveta Nováková: Analysis of ESP in the Context of Rapid Border Teams
  Zaitsev Oleg Alexandrovich, Epikhin Aleksander Jurevich: The Subject Matter of Criminal Evidence Relating to the Disclosure of Information on Security Measures Applicable to Law Enforcement or Control Officials
  Justyna Jurczak: Police Competences' in Preventing, Investigating and Combating Hate Crimes in Poland - Part I.
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