How to make a healthy and happy children

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It is a treasury of knowledge for people who want to raise healthy children. This is a manual for all future and responsible parents.

This book directly demolishes stereotypes and breaks popular views but often imprecise about infertility, genetic diseases, eugenics, vaccinations, fertilization and pregnancy. We can easily ask the reader if she or he is prepared for sensational knowledge.

It should be noted that this is a book for men and women. It's obvious, but often we forget that only two healthy parents can give health to the child.

“Who will your children blame for having to live with diseases and going from one doctor to another? As you no doubt have guessed, though you’d rather not know, they will blame their parents. And they will be absolutely right!”

This book is a continuation of a four-volume series of books titled “Health at your request”, but you can also read it first.

Józef Słonecki, the author of the book, writes about himself and his books:

“I am the only author in Poland and possibly in the world who writes about health. In my objective opinion, as all factors indicate, health is the best and in fact the only cure for all human diseases. After all health can not only prevent a disease but also eliminate a disease that has already infected our bodies. In light of these facts focusing on diseases is beneficial only to physicians, alternative medicine practitioners and manufacturers of drugs, usually called supplements to divert the attention.

I have described the non-medical and sometimes even anti-medical aspect of health in the book entitled “Health at your request” consisting of four volumes which, as you have probably guessed, are the foundation of all recommendations discussed in this book both for parents and their offspring”.

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