Internal Security (January-June) Vol. 8/1/2016


Internal Security (January-June) Vol. 8/1/2016

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The world globalisation processes have inevitably been accompanied by the development of new forms of crime and the occurrence of crisis incidents (acts of terrorism, major transportation accidents, construction accidents, or natural disasters). The above phenomena increase the demand for knowledge, the use of which may directly or indirectly influence the effectiveness of agencies responsible for internal security. With its basic goal of spreading the knowledge of the protection of public safety and order, the scientific journal Internal Security is one of the many ventures aimed at meeting the demand. The journal is oriented towards security aspects of universal scope. It is a forum where views and opinions are exchanged by specialists of various branches (both scientists and practitioners) from different countries, and in particular European ones. Entrepreneurs of non-public sector are welcome to exchange their opinions in the journal, as well. In many cases methods and mechanisms which are used to ensure safety are of universal nature and they can be applied by both, public and non-public sectors.

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WydawcaWyższa Szkoła Policji w Szczytnie
Język publikacjipolski
Informacja o sprzedawcyRavelo Sp. z o.o.




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  The Integrated Fight Against Organised Crime in the Baltic Sea Region(BALTCOM) — Genesis, the Main Fields of Activity and Prospects for Development    7
  How to Reveal the Constructed Worlds: the 2006’s Riots in Budapest    19
  Ways of Increasing the Level of Safety and Security at Locations Proposed for World Youth Day 2016    41
  Instruments Used by Interpol in the Fight against International Trafficking in Human Beings    59
  Illegal Use of Explosives — an Incidental Phenomenon or the Seeds of the Next Real Threat to Collective Security and Public Order?    69
  Development of Commercial Law in the Slovak Republic — Outline of Problems    81
  Public Security in the Polish Law on State of Emergency    91
  Protection of Creditors and the Imposition of Sanctions Against Assets and Property in the Slovak Republic    101
  Basic Principles of the Prosecutor in Criminal Proceedings Under Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine    111
  Deactivation of Weapons from the Perspective of the European Union and Kosovo    123
  The Use of a Document Attesting an Untruth. Review of Literature and Judicature    137
  Psychosocial Risks Associated with the Profession of Train Driver    147
  The Development of the National Security System in Lithuania and Contemporary Security Challenges    159
  Security Sector Reform — Theory and Practice    177
  of the Police Training Centre    195
  New Techniques and a New Approach to the Effective Extinguishing of Fully Developed Fires in Enclosed Spaces    213
  of Christianity    225
  Generational Changes in Religious Communities Against the Background of Contemporary Threats to Security    243
  in Poland and Selected Countries of the European Union    265
  State Protection and Safety of Participants in Russian Criminal Proceedings    283
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