Marketing Automation Revolution

Using the potential of Big Data

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Current technological revolution, immense Internet penetration, and mobile technologies resulted in a brand new type of consumer. This new consumer changed the manner of making purchasing decisions, but also leaves thousands of footprints on WWW pages, in mobile apps, maps, or transaction systems. All this has resulted in redefining the role of marketing, and placed remarkable challenges before marketers, the solving of which requires not only appropriate technologies, but also a new kind of knowledge.
The book leads the reader through the innovative technology of online marketing in the following areas:
• collecting and processing large amounts of user data;
• delivering personalized messages across all channels in real time;
• process automation;
• improving communication between marketing and sales departments.
This publication was illustrated with examples of various implementations, and as such, it should be a valuable source of information for marketers looking for a guidance regarding marketing automation technologies.

Liczba stron180
WydawcaWydawnictwo Naukowe PWN
Numer wydania1
Język publikacjipolski
Informacja o sprzedawcyRavelo Sp. z o.o.


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Spis treści

  Changing marketing    11
  Enchanted by the marketing wizards    12
  Excuse my French, “artist’s shit”    13
  There is no remedy and there never will be    13
  New marketer and the new school of marketing    14
  Who is this book for and how to use it    16
  Part I NEW TERMS    17
  1. The meaning of Big Data revolution    19
    Why Google knows best    19
    More and more information    19
    Correlation instead of causation    20
    Everything is data    20
    Algorithm will pick a TV series and a playlist for you    21
    Data as corporate capital    22
  2. New consumer    23
    Independence    23
    Prosumers and their habits    24
    Mobility    25
    What do marketers think about this?    27
    The role of apps    28
    Appification    29
    The ROPO Effect and showrooming: why do customers migrate between channels?    31
    The Internet of Things    33
    Two seemingly contradictory trends in consumer behavior    34
    Digital traces and why customers leave their data    35
    Digital body language    36
    Information constituting the digital body language    37
    Building models: customers’ shopping journeys and buyer persona    38
    The superiority of consumer behavior analysis over other ways of acquiring knowledge    39
  3. New marketer    41
    Inbound vs. outbound    41
    Romantic and pragmatic    42
    Scientific approach    43
    HADI cycles, i.e. lessons from a strip club    45
    Changing the concept of a campaign    46
    Predictive marketing    47
    Disproportion between theory and practice    49
    Why can’t marketers cooperate with sellers (and why they should)?    50
  4. New seller    52
    Who trusts sellers?    52
    Mixer and a time machine    52
    Atlassian and other B2B absurdities    53
    Tesla Motors – say goodbye to your car dealer    54
    Adjusting to context    54
  1. Traditional 4P    58
  2. Guidance for people choosing their marketing automation platform    59
  3. Lead leaking    61
  4. The role of education in the shopping process    62
  5. Content marketing with marketing automation    64
    Ideal content marketing supported by automation    64
    The symptoms of the lack of balance between the production of content and automation    65
    How to connect content marketing with marketing automation?    65
  6. New approach towards e-mail marketing    67
    The power of e-mail marketing – a lesson from Barack Obama    67
    What did Jacob Payne know? – About communication fatigue    67
    This does not concern me!    68
    Stop associating e-mail marketing with newsletters, or wear your customer to death    69
    Personalized e-mails    70
    1-to-1 messages    71
  7. Loyalty programs    72
    New and existing customers    72
    Become the director of the Loyalty Dept.    72
    What is loyalty, and can customers be loyal?    73
    Customer lifetime value: think about your customer in terms of the entire relation, not in terms of separate transactions    74
    RFM    75
    The concept of loyalty    75
  8. Mobile channel    77
    Apps as a marketing tool    77
    Mobile marketing automation    78
  1. Creating a buyer persona    83
    What is a persona?    83
    The application of personas    83
    Building a persona: initial remarks    84
    Questions regarding building a buyer persona for B2B    85
    Questions regarding building a buyer persona for B2C    85
    Where to acquire information from?    86
    Important rules    86
  2. Contact monitoring and management via CRM    88
    Collecting user data    88
    Scoring    90
  3. Lead acquisition    91
    Contact forms that actually work    91
    Your customer Pinocchio: progressive profiling vs. incorrect data in forms    93
    How long should the form be?    95
    Lead acquisition through gated content or bonuses    96
  4. E-mail marketing    98
    Hygiene of your database    98
    Regular database clean ups    99
    Customer segmentation    99
    Autoresponders and dynamic messages    100
    Welcoming messages    101
    Increasing basket value    105
    E-mails increasing the level of engagement    106
    Birthday e-mails    107
    Reactivation e-mails    108
    E-mails to save abandoned shopping baskets in e-commerce    108
  5. Lead nurturing    112
    Before you prepare a “lead nurturing” program    112
    Stages of lead nurturing    112
    Multichannel campaigns    113
    Themed campaigns addressed to existing customers    114
    Lead recycling    117
    Lead nurturing for employees    118
    Benefits of lead nurturing and how to measure them    119
  6. Website marketing    120
    The increasing role of recommendation engines    120
  7. Personalizing your WWW site    122
    Examples: dynamic sets and widgets with recommended offer    123
  8. Sales    125
    Cold calling    125
    Identifying shopping readiness    128
    Alerts in marketing automation    128
    The meaning of social media for sales    129
  9. Retention    130
    Actions addressed to loyal customers    130
    Loyalty programs with the use of marketing automation    131
    The use of mobile channels in loyalty programs    131
    Marketing automation as a form of support for customer service    132
  10. Social media    133
    Pros and cons of social media in business    133
    The whole Facebook is the same    134
    Ground rule: no social media platform can serve as your primary communication tool    135
    Setting goals: integration with marketing automation    135
    Social media automation    136
    Ad personalization on Facebook with the use of custom audiences and marketing automation platform    136
    Engage your employees    137
  11. Mobile    139
    Push notifications    139
    Mobile CRM and notification personalization    139
    Don’t forget text messaging!    140
    M-commerce    141
    Online addressing – offline gap: the ROPO effect    143
  12. Marketing analytics    145
    KPI    145
    Trends in analytical activities: the directions of development    148
    A/B testing    150
  13. Guidance for people choosing their marketing automation platform    153
    Marketing automation myths    153
    When marketing automation should be deployed?    155
    How to choose a marketing automation platform?    155
    How to use a marketing automation platform?    157
    Marketing automation solutions for B2B    158
    Marketing automation solutions for B2C and e-commerce    159
  Summary    165
  Bibliography    169
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