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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Economic Challenges

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Piotr Urbanek



The book fits into a multidisciplinary research approach. The articles are the result of research conducted by eminent international economists, authors representing academic centres in different countries. The articles address current phenomena observed in the global economy. The authors do not aspire to comprehensively explain all the very complex and multi-dimensional economic developments, but illustrate many of these phenomena in an original way. The multi-threaded and multi-dimensional nature of the discussion in particular articles deserves attention. These include theoretical and methodological articles as well as the results of empirical research presented by the authors.
The book is addressed to those persons interested in issues of economics, finance, regional economy, and the management sciences. lt can be valuable for economic practitioners, members of management and supervisory boards of companies, and financial analysts, and the articles may also be useful for academicians and students.

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  1. Introduction    9
  Processes of global integration and the economic growth    17
  2. Triangle trade relations among china, the EU and Taiwan under the aspect of the WTO (Li-Jiuan Chen-Rabich)    17
  3. Is China’s capitalism sustainable? (Krystian Karnia)    25
  4. Labour market developments in visegrad countries: ten years of EU membership (Roman Klimko, Eva Rievajová)    43
  5. Is the albanian economic growth influenced by importing countries growth? (Ledjon Shahini, Adela Shera, Fatmir Memaj)    61
  6. Comparison of economic cycles morphology based on Polish gross domestic product analysis in years 2000–2013 (Bartosz Pawęta, Elena Pawęta)    81
  The regional policy    95
  7. Sustainable city – flexible or durable? Socio-economics aspects of urban patterns (Katarzyna Sadowy)     95
  8. The debt management conditions of local government units in Poland (Paweł Tobera)    115
  9. Perception on poverty and inequality concerning social housing (Irina Maria Zamfirescu)    129
  Financial markets    147
  10. The application of multidimensional comparative analysis for short selling of stocks (Marcin Flotyński)    147
  11. One-off events in the market comparison method (Krzysztof Janas)    169
  12. Reduction in the level of risk consciousness among mortgagors (Przemysław Wechta)    187
  The determinans of an organization’s value    207
  13. Analysis methods to assess the competitiveness of enterprises (Nazgul Assylbekova)    207
  14. Competenciesof global managers in multinational corporations (Aleksandra Czarnecka, Maja Szymura-Tyc)    221
  15. Change management in multicultural organisations (Aneta Parkes)    235
  16. Investor relations as a company image component (Aleksandra Sobczak-Spasiuk)    249
  Social and ethical issues in management    263
  17. Corporate social responsibility in the management of the Norwegian government pension fund global (Julita Fiedorczuk)     263
  18. Social engineering in the company management (Waldemar Gajda, Joanna Zaczyńska vel Zaczek)     281
  19. Cultural values and their importance for ethical codes in the banking sector (Aleš Lokaj, Lucjan Klimsza)     295
  20. The global economic crisis from a sociological perspective: civilisational roots, individual and social repercussions (Dorota Leonarska, Krzysztof Wielecki)    311
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