On Their Own Paths

Japan and China Responses to the Global and Regional Challenges

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The volume discusses the importance of power shift and dilemmas related to the power transition in East Asia. After the Cold War carne to a close, East Asia has attested profound power shifts resulting from the sudden rise of China. Beijing had already attained the status of a political power in 1971, when it replaced Taipei as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, but it is the economic reforms that to a much greater extent decided China’s international position.
The path of free-market-oriented changes and opening up to the external world was maintained even after the Tiananmen crackdown in 1989. Since the 1990s Beijing has started displaying an increased assertiveness in foreign policy. China not only exerted pressure on Taipei in the Taiwan Strait crisis in 1995/1996, but also became antagonized with Japan and Southeast Asia n states due to the unshelving of territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas. The balance of power in the region was ever increasingly challenged by China's growing military budget.
Moreover, Tokyo was increasingly concerned with the strengthening of anti-Japanese nationalism in China. In 2010 China’s GDP exceeded the one of Japan, which symbolized the transition of the center of power in the region from Tokyo to Beijing.

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  Introduction     8
  Karol Żakowski, Interpersonal Connections Do Matter: Evolution of DPJ Factions     12
  Agnieszka Ploetzing, Strategic Points of Japan-North Korea Relations     30
  Ivaila Aleksova, Non-traditional Security Instruments of the Foreign Policy of Japan (Focus on Human Security Concept)     44
  Runya Qiaoan, Devil in the Making: Deep Structure of Sino-Japanese Wartime Cultural Products in China and Its Influence on Chinese Nationalism     56
  Klaudia Malczewska, Chinese Claim to the South China Sea under International Law     68
  Yang Long, Chen Xin, Jiang Liu, Characteristics and Functions of International Friendship Cities of China – And Prospects of Local Cooperation in Sino-Poland Relations     82
  Oleg Timofeev, China’s Approach in Crimean Crisis: International and Regional Dimensions     98
  Andrea Chiriu, Wait and See: China’s Attitude towards the Ukrainian Crisis (November 2013 – September 2014)     112
  Weijin Wang, Analysis on China’s Cyber Diplomacy     144
  Andrzej Kozłowski, The “Cyber Weapons Gap.” The Assessment of the China’s Cyber Warfare Capabilities and Its Consequences for Regional Security System     162
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