Quantitative Methods in Accounting and Finance. PN 375

Quantitative Methods in Accounting and Finance. PN 375

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Finance and accounting are the disciplines of economic sciences in which quantitative methods are often used: statistics, econometrics and operational research. These methods make possible the quantification of different economic occurrences and the objectivity of the estimation of these occurrences. Also important is the fact that in the accounting and financial analyses, one has to deal with numerous empirical data sets.

In the study, there are shown chosen problems of finance and accounting, essential for both the theory and practice. There are presented manners of the measurement and the estimation of definite economic financial occurrences. To solve a lot of problems, the methods of the descriptive and mathematical statistics and multidimensional comparative analysis are used. The empirical research with the usage of these methods is also described, and importantly, from the application point of view.

The articles in the book were prepared for The Eighth Scientific Seminar” Quantitative Methods in Accounting and Finance”. The Seminar was organized by The Cost, Management Accounting and Controlling Department at the Wrocław University of Economics on May 12, 2014. Scientific workers of The Wroclaw University of Economics and The Ukrainian State University of Finance and International Trade from Kiev took part in the seminar.

This book is an annual publication designed to disseminate the quantitative analysis of accounting and finance. It is a forum for the statistical analyses of issues in accounting and finance as well as applications of quantitative methods to problems in managment accounting, financial accounting and financial management. The objective is to promote interaction between academic research in finance and accounting applied research in the financial community and the accounting profession.

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WydawcaWydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu
Język publikacjipolski
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  Preface    7
  Natalia Bielous: A method of estimation of resource component of the economic security system    9
  Magdalena Chmielowiec-Lewczuk: Insurance Contracts Project for accounting     18
  Anna Isayeva: The normative legal regulation of accounting for financial investments    29
  Marcin Klinowski: Management accounting evolution as a result of management by projects    37
  Mykhailo Kuzub: The implementation and functioning of an internal audit in an agriculture enterprise     45
  Lesya Leshchiy: Evaluation of managerial flexibility: the method of real options    55
  Michal Maliuzenko: Crypto-currency peering as an investment instrument    63
  Ruslan Motoryn: Estimate of financial stocks in the household sector    70
  Tetiana Motoryna: Methodical approaches for the calculation of indicators of financial flows in the household sector    77
  Vasil Mukoviz, Inna Komarova: Methodological approach to the evaluation of the investment supporting economic development of agricultural enterprises under conditions of uncertainty of a competitve environment    86
  Maria Nieplowicz: The use of the Balanced Scorecard in the implementation of the strategy to support the development of sport and recreation in the City of Lublin    94
  Bartłomiej Nita: Methodological issues of management reporting systems design    105
  Edward Nowak: The usefulness of information disclosed in company annual activity reports    117
  Marta Nowak: Psychological aspects of controlling    126
  Michał Poszwa: Special VAT settlement procedures    135
  Olga Sharapa, Volodumur Rossokha: An analysis of integration in the agriculture in Ukraine    143
  Marcin Wierzbiński: The economic optimisation of cogeneration power plants     152
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