Human Resources Management in a Modern Company: the Handbook for Students of Management and Human Resources Practitioners

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Ongoing, global insecure economic situation and intensive changes on market put numerous challenges in front of Human Resources departments in companies. Following handbook aims at describing, in possibly simple way, the introduction to the wide knowledge about Human Resource Management (HRM). Although Human Resources Management notion had been present only since middle 80s of XX century, it represents a very rapidly developing area of management and reflects very clearly all socio-economic impacts, both global, and regional or local. In a current, so called
Knowledge Based Economy, employees are commonly seen as a crucial competitive and innovative factor of company sources. However, achieving positive results from HR is possible only with adequate managerial practices and tools. The theory of HRM is constantly verified and updated by its practical application in enterprises. This handbook tries to combine theoretical and practical aspects of HRM. Whether it is successful let the reader assess.
As for theoretical aspect, the book describes the origin of HRM as management area, its main elements, practices and current challenges. The practical side identifies an important HRM issues in company's life, including effective staff recruitment, problems with career planning, motivational
remuneration systems or flexible forms of employment. Special attention is paid to when the practices of HRM are implemented in a current Polish market conditions; after twenty years of transformation from socialistic to capitalistic economy, and after nearly decade of Poland being a part of European
Union. This historical view - in author's opinion - is a very important to understand the nature of Human Resources Management in Poland.
The handbook is addressed to those students of Management courses who can't approach the rich Polish language literature on HRM directly; especially foreign students, coming to Poland on Erasmus students' exchange program, but also to foreign practitioners engaged with companies operating in Poland.
Each of eight chapters of the book has its summary with main issues discussed in the unit. Additional explanation to currently discussed issues are presented in tables enclosed in the text. Selected practical HRM tools are attached in appendixes on the end of the book.

Liczba stron144
WydawcaWyższa Szkoła Administracji i Biznesu im, Eugeniusza Kwiatkowskiego
Numer wydania1
Język publikacjiangielski
Informacja o sprzedawcyRavelo Sp. z o.o.

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Spis treści

  Staff Motivating    77
  5.1. Nature of Work Motivation    77
  5.2. Work Motivation Theory    79
  5.3. Motivational Process    84
  5.4. Remuneration    86
  Staff Evaluation    94
  6.1. The Role of Staff Evaluation    94
  6.2. System of Periodic Staff Assessment    97
  6.3. Techniques of Staff Evaluation    100
  Optimization of Employment    106
  7.1. HR Optimization Goals and Forms    106
  7.2. Derecruitment    107
  7.3. Outplacement    109
  7.4. Flexible Forms of Employment    110
  HRM Trends and Challenges    115
  8.1. Employer Branding and Corporate Social Responsibility    115
  8.2. Talent Management    117
  8.3. Age Management    121
  8.4. Current Challenges for HR in a Company    124
  Bibliography    127
  Index of pictures    132
  Index of tables    133
  Appendixes    134
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