Local and Regional Economy in Theory and Practice. PN 334

Local and Regional Economy in Theory and Practice. PN 334

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
The problems referring to the development of municipalities and regions have constituted for years a subject of interest for both scientists and practitioners, as a source of inspiration for conducting research, holding discussions, as well as bringing in new concepts and the implementation of policies at local and regional level.

This publication represents a collection of selected articles covering the broadly understood problems of local and regional development in terms of theoretical considerations, research results and case studies. Among the presented issues are the experiences of the European Union Member States, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and of Ukraine discussed in the scale of countries, regions and municipalities.

The concept of development combines problems related to social, economic, environmental and spatial transformations. The multidimensional nature of development is manifested in the diversity of topics presented in the publication. Some of the problems covered relate to issues of sustainable development, energy sources, including geothermal energy as a source of renewable energy, as well as international cooperation in terms of counteracting the effects of natural disasters. The problems of creativity in cities and regions, knowledge management, smart specializations and leading technologies, in the context of New Regional Development Policy, are also present. The issues related to the level of research and development expenditure in Poland were addressed against the background of the remaining European Union countries. The topics covered also include the methodological problems associated with modelling, taking into account spatial aspects, entrepreneurship, clusters, tourism, transport, migration and many others. Attention was also paid to management, planning and development strategies.

We would like to offer you this publication hoping that the problems discussed will become the source of inspiration for further research and practical solutions. We would also like to encourage you to get acquainted with the next editions of „Local and regional economy in theory and practice”.

Liczba stron314
WydawcaWydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu
Język publikacjipolski
Informacja o sprzedawcyePWN sp. z o.o.

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Spis treści

  Preface    9
  Beata Bal-Domańska: Convergence of Central and Eastern European regions – spatial aspect    11
  Barbara Dańska-Borsiak: The determinants of migration outflows from Polish sub-regions in both internal movement and abroad – identification and comparison    22
  Anna Golejewska: Rethinking regional competitiveness. The role of productivity    33
  Małgorzata Golińska-Pieszyńska: Intellectual capital as an important element of knowledge management    43
  Piotr Hajduga: Special economic zones in the Lower Silesia region as a regional development stimulator during the crisis    56
  Petr Hlaváček: Analysis of the development processes of the city of Ústí nad Labem as an example of the social and economic transformation of cities in the Czech Republic    66
  Anna Jasińska-Biliczak, Jan Buleca: Participation of economic selfgovernment in the process of the promotion of entrepreneurship – case study of Poland, Germany and Slovakia    78
  Małgorzata Karczewska: Diversity of the gross expenditure on R&D in GDP by sources of funds in Poland against the background of the European Union    89
  Artur J. Kożuch, Janusz Sasak, Kamilla Noworól: Target costing and participatory budget in Territorial Self-Government Units    97
  Alina Kulczyk-Dynowska: National park as an element fostering the sustainable development of the region – the example of the Tatra municipalities    108
  Iwona Ładysz: The regional dimension of economic security in the age of globalisation using the example of the Lower Silesian Voivodship    118
  Krzysztof Malik: Smart specialisation and Key Enabling Technologies in the New Regional Development Policy    128
  Štefan Marsina, Pavol Oravský: Utilization of geothermal energy as a renewable source    141
  Anna Mazurek-Kusiak, Julia Wojciechowska-Solis: Noticeability and effectiveness of tourism promotion in Lublin province    149
  Grygorii Monastyrskyi, Tetyana Monastyrska: Modernization of local self-government in Ukraine    160
  Alicja Olejnik: Prospects and frontiers of Multidimensional Panel Spatial Autoregressive Models    170
  Pavol Oravský, Štefan Marsina: Infrastructure of energetics and its diversification    180
  Alina Piątyszek-Pych: The cluster development policy in Poland    190
  Zbigniew Piepiora: Occurrence of natural disasters in Africa and international cooperation in the field of counteracting their effects    200
  Renata Pisarek: The importance of passenger air transport and high-speed rail for regional development    210
  Małgorzata Rogowska: The quality of public space in the development of urban areas    223
  Joanna Szafran: Public-private partnership in Poland and the European Union    231
  Ewelina Szczech: Is there a creative city in Poland? Defining and measuring the concept in Poland     242
  Andrzej Sztando: Twelve rules for the construction of planning documents prepared by self-government units    252
  Maciej Turała: Institutional capacity in Polish communes. Strategic, financial and spatial planning dimension    264
  Alla Vasina: Management of the investment potential of Ukraine’s regions in the process of regional structural policy realization    275
  Svitlana Veleshchuk: Strategic development of the region in the context of the branding concept    285
  Marcin Bogdański, Wioletta Wierzbicka: Socio-economic potential of Polish voivodship cities    295
  Marcelina Zapotoczna, Joanna Cymerman: Application of selected synthetic measures in the assessment of the level of satisfied housing needs in Poland    306
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