Dream? Democracy! A Philosophy of Horror, Hope and Hospitality in Art and Action

Dream? Democracy! A Philosophy of Horror, Hope and Hospitality in Art and Action

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Dream? Democracy! constructs a philosophy and practice of hospitality to the Other. It projects a culture and politics of welcoming the strangers, minorities, women, where art as activism plays a key part: that is why the author analyzes feminist, antifascist, and queer works, including Pussy Riot’s performance art; LGBTQ visibility campaigns and exhibitions; and initiatives of rebuilding Jewish life in Lublin, Poland (Grodzka Gate-NN Theater Center, Transeuropa Festival). This book interprets intertextually passages on hospitality and utopia from the Mahabharata; the Bible; Ernst Bloch; Hannah Arendt; Maria Janion; Hélene Cixous; Adam Michnik; Martha C. Nussbaum; José Esteban Munoz; and the younger generation of Polish activists. Here is a performative book which is profound intellectually and socially engaged – for the cause of welcoming the Stranger, against prejudices and neoliberal exploitation.

Liczba stron379
WydawcaWydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej
Język publikacjipolski
Informacja o sprzedawcyRavelo Sp. z o.o.

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Spis treści

  CHAPTER 1. The Other Methodology of the Other     9
  A Theory and Praxis of HospitALTERITY     9
  Fichtean Hating versus Kantian Hosting     18
  Today’s Transvalued Humanism after Anti-Humanism     28
  A Philosophy of Affective Alterity: Love, Faith, and Democracy     39
  Poetics and Politics. From Literary to Social Hospitality     56
  Action! – After Hannah Arendt and Performative Art     64
  CHAPTER 2. Interpreting Art, Interpreting Subjectivities, Interpreting Shared Life     67
  Toward a Philoxenia of the Verbal and the Visual     67
  Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein’s Affective (Inter)textuality and (Inter)visuality     70
  Of Beauty, Brain and Sacred Bodysouls: Sublimation, Mother-Daughter, and Tenderness according to Helen Chadwick     84
  Alina Szapocznikow’s Vulnerable Fetishes of Her Self     97
  Krystiana Robb-Narbutt’s Art: Biophilia Against Trauma     105
  Women’s Theatre à la polonaise Bisexuality and Jewishness on Stage     113
  CHAPTER 3. The Power of Culture and Activism against the Far Right     125
  Nationalism, Economic Neo-Liberalism, and Necrophilia     131
  A Successful Uprising?     141
  Culture, Always Already Counterculture     145
  The Art of Revolt     150
  The Social Impact of Art Exhibitions     157
  Intertextuality as HospitALTERITY     164
  The Transeuropa Public Art Festival in the Intercultural City of Lublin     169
  Hostility toward Jewishness and Interculturality     182
  A Brief Literary History of Cleanliness and Abjection in Poland     189
  The Power of Poetry and the Crisis of the Academy     196
  Art versus Moral Revolution in Poland and the U.S     201
  CHAPTER 4. The Paradox of Poland and Europe: Caught Between Hostility and Hospitality     211
  A Fragile Legal and Political Context     213
  Culture and Activism Strike Back     227
  A Hidden His-tory: Masculinity, Hysteria, and Homosexuality     238
  A History of Male Hysteria     242
  Against the Philosophy of the Death Drive     251
  The Birth of Homosexuality     254
  A Visual Politics of Europe’s LGBTQ Visibility Campaigns     267
  The Art of Imagining Futurity – after Ernst Bloch, Hannah Arendt, and Today     269
  A Queer Utopia of Love     271
  An LGBTQ Dream of Diversity?     280
  A Queer Utopia of Childhood     283
  The Future-in-Love and in-Hospitality     285
  CHAPTER 5. A Political Philosophy of Hope versus Horror     291
  Eastern Europe’s Tales of Terror: the Gothic Art of Paulius and Svajone Stanikas     301
  Hope: the Hospitality of a New Civil Society     320
  Research as Activism: Thinking, Visualizing, and Performing the Ideas and Images of the Other     326
  Bibliography     333
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