Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

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This is a collection of many outstanding stories of Chekhov. There is a pleasant and patient satire in all Chekov’s stories, most of which are tragic, some are political, and all of them are revealed in many complex topics. The stories in this... więcej >

Autor: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov


Format: epub, mobi

Chekhov extracts from his everyday life the themes of frustration that apply to all of us – the difficulty of creating a happy existence, problems of love, the extinction of hope. His pyems are full of tragedy. The theme of the suffering of the... więcej >

One of the last stories of Chekhov. This is the tragedy of a representative of the intelligentsia, whose pursuit of a very successful church career cuts him off from real human intercourse. Until he faces death, the bishop does not understand that... więcej >

This is a story about psychological and spiritual health, about true happiness, about loneliness and about genius. The main character finds complete spiritual harmony and happiness only in a state of mental illness, when he sees hallucinations in... więcej >

The peculiarity of the author’s works were his remarks, which embodied Chekhov’s plan to convey to the reader the atmosphere of his book. The Book of the Cherry Orchard also begins with a remark, which contains a very important phrase: „The... więcej >

Everything is there: a devoted wife, an unexpected admirer, an architect’s wayward son, an alcoholic father, an undertaker, a late secretary and a secret date. The story of a modest love that lasted until old age. Some may even want to be equal to... więcej >

Many stories from this collection about animals and children. This is perhaps the cutest collection, with unusual animals and kittens. This story you can live and feel through the eyes of a child. The choice of the main character leaves a lot of... więcej >

This study is about how a rich man falls in love with a woman who simply does not care about him. He is confident that a woman will make his life better. After a moment, we observe the story of unloved people who had to get married. Of course, the... więcej >

The center of attention was a small group of people, but everything was spinning around Ivan Laevsky, self-confident and selfish 28-year-old. He escaped with the wife of another man and lived in sin. Perhaps there is not even a duel in the literal... więcej >

There is a trial of the bare and thin peasant Denis Grigoriev. He is accused of unscrewing the nut, which rails are attached to the cross ties. „The little man” does not deny this, but does not see his guilt. The investigator finds out that... więcej >

No, this is not a banal story about a resort romance. Spiritually, her heroes escaped beyond the boundaries of the nineteenth century, but are forced to live in its choking conditions and foundations. The stands that will soon be brought down by... więcej >

A small collection of stories. The general theme of the stories is the diversity of emotions that the main characters experience, and by the end it turns out to be a bit painful. A variety of subjects, simple but wonderful, honed by irony. Most... więcej >

Znaleziono: 17 pozycji


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