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Roy Rockwood

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Autor: Roy Rockwood


Format: epub, mobi

Separated from his parents since childhood, Bomba lived far back in the jungles of the Amazon with a half-demented naturalist who told the lad nothing of his past. The jungle boy was a lover of birds, and hunted animals with a bow and arrow and his... więcej >

Years of tough jungle living made Bomba the most powerful hunter around. At 14, he possessed the strength of three men, and could fight the most powerful jungle beasts with little more than a knife. With his extraordinary throwing arm, he could bury... więcej >

„Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Abandoned City” is the fifth book in a series of American boy’s adventure books produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate under the pseudonym Roy Rockwood, published in the first half of the 20th century. Various... więcej >

This is the second book in the Bomba the Jungle Boy series following „Bomba the Jungle Boy”. It is a series of adventure books produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate between 1926 and 1938 in a youthful imitation of the highly successful Tarzan... więcej >

In this volume the reader is taken into the depth of the jungle where he meets Bomba in a life replete with thrilling situations. You meet Cody Casson, the old naturalist, and the White Hunters, Jake Dorn and Ralph Gillis who gives Bomba a... więcej >

The ongoing adventures of the courageous Bomba the Jungle Boy! In „Swamp of Death,” Bomba wants to return to Gonibobo’s camp to reclaim the pages of Japazy’s notebook that were torn out there. Bomba and Gibo had barely escaped the cannibals... więcej >

After escaping from the headhunters’ village, Bomba brings Casson and Sobrinini to stay at his friend Pipina’s after which Sobrinini reveals vital information to Bomba about his family and tells of a man, Japazy, who hated Bomba’s father as... więcej >

„Bomba, the Jungle Boy on Terror Trail”? 6 in the Bomba series, by Roy Rockwood, was published in 1928. Bomba is making the treacherous journey back to his home with the Araos tribe. On the way, he encounters poisonous plant life and battles... więcej >

The ongoing adventures of the courageous Bomba the Jungle Boy! In „Bomba, the Jungle Boy on the Underground River”, Sobrinini, the snake woman that Bomba rescued from Snake Island, is also undergoing treatment. During her more lucid moments, she... więcej >

Never was there a more clever young aviator than Dave Dashaway, and all up-to-date youths will be will surely wish to hear about about him. In this, the last volume of the Dave Dashaway adventure series, Dave, with the assistance of his loyal chum... więcej >

Roy Rockwood was a house pseudonym used for boy’s adventure books, including „Bomba the Jungle Boy”. The Dave Dashaway series focused on aerial adventures. Dave Dashaway continues to explore new horizons and to stay one step ahead of his... więcej >

Running an airship took nerve, steadiness of purpose, a definite, concrete way of looking at things. Dave knew in his own mind that the Drifter was each hour speeding farther and farther away from the haunts of men. He recalled the old adage,... więcej >

Znaleziono: 15 pozycji


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